SSD0001 device is used for an automatic Start&Stop deactivation shortly after an ignition is turned on. It is compatible with Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016…2021 and Stelvio 2017…2021 European and American market versions (works also in Australian and Asian spec cars). Aside of avoiding mostly redundant/wrong time engine short stop and starts (when it is not desired), it helps keeping battery state of charge higher, so allows longer battery lifetime and so limit amount of battery replaces over car lifetime (which are environmentally problematic waste). It is possible to still turn on S&S from car panel, so when you expect S&S operation may make sense in specific traffic condition, you are free to do this still any time toggling between S&S on and off.

Installation time is 1 to 3 minutes approximatelly - plug & play - no soldering, no quick junction blocks (unreliable), no reasons for warranty voids. The same easy to remove bringing the car back to as it was originally if needed.

The deactivator comes with plastic lever to ease headlights panel removal and instructions manual.

The device is covered by 2 years warranty.

There is an USB port available in case of need of firmware upgrade (e.g. in case Alfa Romeo changes in some way how/when S&S can be disabled from panel), so STUFF4CAR can always issue update and provide upgrade file and instructions online, so every user can carry out update himeself easily within a few minutes (PC computer and mini USB cable only required).

Below video presents the product and its operation (English subtitles available)

PDF instruction manual can be downloaded from here (Polish&English):

Instrukcja SSD0001


This version of the deactivator is designed & tested for cars manufactured for EU/EMEA and USA/Canada/NAFTA markets, but was also proven by number of customers in Australia, Japan and other markets.

Current version of deactivator was tested in number of MY2020/2021 Giulias/Stelvios.

Please contact us in case you have any questions.

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Start&stop deactivator for Alfa Romeo Giulia & Stelvio (EU + USA version) - plug&play

  • Brand: STUFF4CAR
  • Product Code: SSD0001.A02
  • Availability: 38
  • 84.99€

  • Ex Tax: 69.10€

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