• Dynamic mode and Start&Stop defaulter for Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2010-2012

Sets Dynamic mode and Start&stop off by default with ignition turned on. It allows changes of DNA modes and S&S on/off therafter.

Giulietta 2010-2012 by default did not remembered Dynamic mode nor Start&stop (S&S) off user settings.

As niche product, this device is offered currently as variant to be soldered in to DNA and S&S panel looms. Installation is not that complicated, but requiers roughtly 1h of time and bit of soldering skills to solder up to 5 wires to the car looms. Instruction manual (English and Polish) provides exact information on how to do the installation.

Giulietta QV does not have S&S function, so soldering of relevant wire for the function and panel removal is not required.

PDF instruction manual can be downloaded from here (Polish&English):

Instrukcja SSD0003

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Dynamic mode and Start&Stop defaulter for Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2010-2012

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