This is brand new, never used, never plugged to any car headunit (clean VIN, no PIN requirement for first plugged in car) as it came from Alfa Romeo distribution to us in unopen factory box.

Clean factory unit means it does not have any nav maps in, nor Android Auto, nor Carplay are activated yet. (Note, we can prepare unit for your VIN with all activated, so only proxi needs to be amended and run in your car).

To activate in cars which didn't have Android Auto / Carplay active, first mandatory step is to modify car proxi configuration to allow this functionality (e.g. with MES or AlfaOBD tools and compatible OBD interface/adapters) - we will provide short information for buyer after purchase what needs to  change.

Then, in any car (also these with already Android Auto/Carplay written to proxi), proxi allignment/write needs to be run (to write this configuration into headunit as well, not only have it elsewhere in the car other ECUs), and once run correctly, only as last step activation in dealership on Witech2 tool needs to happen (you can't omit previous steps, otherwise unit will not allow any more Android Auto / Carplay activation). For activation and use of Android Auto/Carplay, compatible USB hub module needs to be installed first! We can source/provide such part if required  (in short dual USB hub, and for sure all manufactured since 2018,earlier dual may work as well, but no guarantee).

This unit supports non-3D maps (8GB like map file in Europe) - its called MID (medium) config headunit (normally put into nav cars with smaller 6.5" dash display, but works OK with 8.8" displays as well using its full area (radio & Carplay, but not Android Auto, which in prefacelift headunits has AA logo on 1/3rd of screen width).

Maps in Europe are downloadable from Maps Mopar service for VIN of Europe cars with factory non-3D navigation, and when subscribtion for maps is paid in dealership. NAFTA maps are also downloadable if one has proper subscribtion. Other markets we do not have information on how maps are distributed.

This unit is great upgrade possibility for older 2016/17 Giulias & Stelvios with Android Auto and Carplay via USB functionality.

Older cars than manufactured 10th April 2018, may require other car ECUs firmware updates in dealership after radio headunit change. Updates may show up only after radio change (PAM, AMP, ICP, R/LBSS, ABS).

Be careful, as some updates requires proxi restore to factory config (ABS upgrade from very old lower than 8401 version firmwares), so in case such restore was run, proxi modifications will be wiped off, so will need to be redone together with rerun/write of proxi before attempting to Carplay offline activation on Witech2 tool.

If unit is put into car which didn't have Android Auto/Carplay option, especially built before 2018, USB hub in armrest may need to be changed to compatible with the feature. We can help with new or 2nd hand hubs if required.

The unit production is mid 2018, it comes with firmware MV053, which needs upgrade to allow Android Auto/Carplay activation&use. That is easy 15 minutes job to and we can help with getting it updated to latest firmware for prefacelift headunits (updates on customer risk).

We assume we sell to experienced enough user, who understands all we say here, who can install unit himself or via professional experienced with such jobs, and who undestands how to modify&run proxi, has all required software and OBD interfaces, so only short support is assumed from our side (instruction on what bytes in proxi change to what values).

Experienced users may consider upgrade of car to add reversing camera functionality in case their current headunit does not support such (some basic non nav headunits don't support retrofit of reversing camera), or easy entry disable menu (required new enough driver seat controller with firmware version SW 9.00).

As unit writes VIN of car it is connected to immediatelly, we can't accept any returns of connected already unit (consider such when OEM box seal sticker we put in is broken). We do not accept also any returns from commercial customers nor from outside European Union. We ask then for wise, well thought buy decisions as we are not able to provide any deep support due to amount of work we do.

If you do not have possibility or do not want to hassle with dealership on Witech2 Android Auto & Carplay activation, we can provide this headunit with latest firmware and Europe or NAFTA maps, already locked for your car VIN (so can't be moved to other car without PIN or unlocking again by us) and with Android Auto & Carplay already activated in headunit (so only proxi in your car will need to be modified and run, and unit will work, still though car may need some updates of firmware ECUs because of unit change). Preparing such preactivated unit will be paid extra service of EUR 250 excl. VAT and will require additional approx 10 working days to slot in job. Such unit as custom preparation won't be returnable.

Delivery information

In order to help making deliveries easier and faster, we decided to offer by deault airways courier Fedex International Priority services. However, for orders containing goods with bigger dimensions, we reserve right to choose instead Fedex Connect Plus or Fedex International Economy services. This applies to lighweight but biger in size boxes where especially extra cushion is required for protection - like Flappy Paddles or Radio Headunits. Fedex International Priority service should be 1-3 working days for deliveries within EU, and 2-6 days in other destinations, other services may add a few extra days on top..

Please provide accurate and full shipping address (including accurate post code), fail to do this may raise difficulties in delivery, as well as generate addtional shipping charges you may need to cover (e.g. redirection of shippment).

Asian customers, please provide address using latin characters - we can't order courier otherwise and will need to cancel order if proper format address is not provided.

Please order to location where delivery is possible, fail of 2 delivery attempts puts parcel on storage for a few days in courier depot (still chance of arranging collection by contacting Fedex Customer Support by receiver - we can't help here unfortunatelly), but later the parcel is automatically returned. Return related to fail of delivery will generate additonal shipping charges for us (return and reshipping + customs documentaton), which will need to be covered to us before another shippment attempt.

Please do not redirect parcells to different adderss as this will add addtional fees we will ask you to cover later (order of 10 EUR usually).

In case of parcel damage

At delivery please inspect if parcel condition looks good, in case of any doubt, please fill in complain form with courier, if possible you may inspect goods inside. Parcels are insured, however only signed complaint of receiver passed to Fedex is the way for us to receive cost compensation, so allow us to send you replacment units. In such case (unlikely) please pass us information on complain number, once we get things confirmed/discussed with Fedex, we can proceed with shipping replacements.

No VAT invoice for EU VAT companies (VAT to be paid in country of destination as intra community delivery of goods)

If you are an active EU VAT payer company, please provide us with your EU VAT number during checkout (comment field). In such case you can pay either by Paypal/iMoje paywalls full amount (we do not automatically strip VAT at checkout for this case), and we will charge you without VAT price after we successfully verify your company as active EU VAT payer, or you can pay via bank transfer total divided by 1.23 to strip 23% Polish VAT from the price.

On request we can provide pro-forma invoice as PDF file before payment.

Your local import taxes for outside EU export

Please be aware that exports outside EU, may cause your local Customs/Tax Office to apply import taxes on the goods shipped, and so you will be due to pay such tax in your country. Please make sure you know your local import /rules/rates/thresholds and buy with full awarness before you place an order.

Radio nav headunit for Alfa Romeo Giulia & Stelvio (Android Auto & Caplay via USB, standard non-3D Nav & reversing camera) - brand new

  • 568.29€

  • Ex Tax: 568.29€

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