CBD0001 is a pair of SGW loom extension leads (12pin and 8pin) for FCA cars. At the time of writing, the SGW extension leads are comatible with following makes/models (only the main ones are listed):
  • Alfa Romeo: Giulia, Stelvio (including face-lift MY2020/21)

  • Jeep: Renegade, Compass, Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee

  • Fiat: 500L, 500X, Doblo

  • Dodge: Challenger, Charger, Durango

  • RAM: 1500

Single SGW harness extension pair leads allow a bit easier re-connecting between SGW and SGW bypass, but mainly minimizes risk of accidential damage or wearing off the original car loom/connectors.

However the recommended setup chosen by most of customers is to use two sets/pairs of the product in series connection, user no longer needs to disconnect from SGW as connecting SGW bypass (not included/sold separately) is done to mid-point between extension looms, so it is much easier and is very low-risk job. Dual set/pair bundle we offer in bit discounted price as separate product here : Dual set of Security Gateway harness extensions for FCA cars (two 12 pin and two 8 pin extensions)

In Alfa Romeo Giulia using two sets/pairs allows easy connections of SGW bypass though under-steering wheel column openning (see attached photos), and in  Alfa Romeo Stelvio such allows easy enough SGW bypass installation after only removing glasses compartment (~5 minutes job vs. ~1h).

Please review block diagram pictures where we visualize each setup, and make sure you order single with full awarness - we had a few cases already that customers didn't fully noticed the difference and so they were later ordering secons set and so wasting money on second shippment.

PDF instruction manual can be downloaded from here (Polish&English):

Instruction manual CBD0001

Note: we can't predict if offered SGW extension leads will be compatible with cars manufactured in future. We will try to track available information and update this website about all important compatibility information.

SGW bypass is not included, still required for active diagnostics and it is sold separately.

Please contact us in case of any questions or compatibility doubts for advice.

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Security Gateway harness extensions for FCA cars

  • Brand: STUFF4CAR
  • Product Code: CBD0001.A00
  • Availability: 11
  • 64.99€
  • 54.99€

  • Ex Tax: 44.71€

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