Delivery Information

Delivery Information

We start processing the order after receiving payment in full amount to our account.

Only then we prepare bill or invoice, pack all ordered items, and create new parcell in courier's electronic system. Typically all is ready for courier pick-up within a few working hours since payment is received.

It is Buyer responsibility to provide accurate, correct & suffiicent shipping information such as full receiver name, street, building/apartment number, city, country, post code, region and phone number. In case of mismatches (e.g. with post code), courier company may contact us for clarifications, and that may delay shipping process (especially if we need to contact the Buyer), or in some cases apply addtional charges (order of 10EUR from our experience), which we will ask you to cover to us.

Typically courier arrives for collection next working day.

Delivery time approximated by the courier is 2 to 5 working days since collection, as long as all shipping details are correct & sufficient.

Unfortunatelly we do not have technical possibilities to amend shipping details once parcell is created in electronic systems of the courier company. In case parcell hasn't been collected by the courier, we may be able to cancel the shippment and create new shippment with amended shipping details (in such case please contact us on In case parcell was already collected by the courier, it will be up to the Buyer to contact customer support of the courier company in Buyer's country to amend delivery details (that may not be free of charge from courier company).

Export outside EU/your country import taxes

We do legal only business, with all real amount bills/invoices, so please no requests to lower the invoice ammount or ship as private letter via national post to try to bypass Customs. We will have to reject such requests.

Shippments outside EU are excluding VAT (it will be automatically stripped of the total at checkout after selecting country outside European Union), but please note you may be due to your country import/customs taxes in such case (import procedure). In most of cases small value orders are exempted in country of destination, but that vary from country to country, so please check what are rules in your country so no dissapointments happen when customs contact you and demand some tax to be paid before delivery. In case of rejection of paying tax to  customs, parcel may get destoryed by customs or send back on our cost (usually much higher than what we ship for so not worth) - in such case we won't be able to refund you at all or at best only partially.

Where do we ship?

In short words, we ship worldwide, but not all countries are yet listed on checkout, as there was no interest from customers or shipping is not possible via courier we use currently (e.g. Russia or Ukraine due to war).

In case country is not listed, please contact us so we will check possibility and  pricing and add such country to our webshop.

Shipping costs

Currently we ship for EUR20 including VAT across all European Union locations for small parcells, and EUR20 excluding VAT for export outide European Union for small parcels. Bigger orders/parcel prices will be calculated automatically at checkout and may be bit higher shipping cost depending on QTY (mass/volume) of ordered goods.

Last updated on 2023-01-26